Suspender Trends over the Centuries


From the history of suspenders belts, these were first popularly used in the eighteenth century. Suspenders belts then used to hold pants or trousers with the support from shoulder. These belts were made by ribbon strips or cloth and attached to the pants through buttonholes. Hooks came long after that. People used to wear them underneath of the clothing. People considered spotting these as extremely unusual and so these should be concealed under the clothes.

The newer suspenders are different. Funny suspenders first popularly grabbed the market in the beginning of the nineteenth century. These suspenders also became popular as braces.

These suspenders significantly used leather materials. Leather loops and straps made these more premium. Throughout the century these suspenders were a classical fashion trend. Different designs suspenders were available in the market. The designs are mainly classified by the attachment system. H suspenders were on of the earlier design. These suspenders were joined in the middle of the backside with another strap to form an H. Later crisscross designs which formed an X shape were introduced. Y shape was also popular to the trendy people of that time. At first, the suspenders were attached with buttonholes. Later leather straps provided loops attachment style. Metal clips were also introduced in the nineteenth century. These metal clips provided more elegant style at the end of the nineteenth century.

The material trend for suspenders has changed over time. The very first suspenders were made with ribbon straps. Later tightly woven materials were also used to make suspenders. After the box cloth trend leather straps were used to make premium suspenders. The main purpose of these was to hold pants higher. Usually, people did not use belt back then. The fashion was to wear pants higher than the waistline. So suspenders looked great rather than using belts.

Design Suspender TrendsIn the twentieth century, suspenders were mostly used as a form of fashion. Tight pant trends had begun to be popular. So most of the people do not need suspenders. But yet people used to wear suspenders as a form of fashion. In this century different materials were used to make suspenders. In this century braces also became popular to the working women. They also found suspenders as a medium of fashion. In this century suspenders become a unisex fashion material. But there were differences in the material and designs. Men suspenders were usually made with simple materials. Clothes and fibers were used as well as leather. But these did not contain any printed design or similar something. Usually, men suspenders were mostly one colored. Women suspender straps were thinner than the men ones and had designed. Printed and floral designed braces were popular among the women.

In the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, the use of suspenders was reduced. People were comfortable to use belts rather than using a suspender. Also, modern people thought using suspenders waste more time. However, suspenders still remains as a fashion trend to some people.



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