Suspenders are Back in a Different Shape

The actual root of the suspenders belt cannot be found. But the modern suspenders were designed by Albert Thurston in 1822. Before the mid-twentieth century suspenders were necessary to wear pants. People used to wear high pants and suspenders were necessary to hold the pants. However, the suspenders are not a necessary now but these are not completely gone out of trend. Trend Suspenders might be out of fashion in this twenty-first century or they may not be necessary as before. But these are used differently.

People used to wear suspenders that are made with ribbon or cloth material. There were different shapes like H, X, Y etc. The X and Y shapes are still in the trend. The pants did not have belt loops as there was no trend for the belt. But the newer pants has belt loops as well as suspenders to add more style. In the past, most people wear suspenders as a matter of serious dress-code. For example, mostly official personnel used it as a formal outfit. But now the trend has changed. Young people wear it as a fashion accessory. In fact, suspenders are not used formally nowadays.

However, the suspenders has become a fashion accessory now. These are not serving the purpose of holding pants higher. The modern pants have belt loops. But the new problem is to keep the shirt inside the pant. In a formal get up it is necessary to have the shirt tucked inside the pant so that it does not get worn inside. Usually, people need to keep their shirt steady the all day long. It is not tough for people who works on a desk. But some people has tough jobs. They have to go different places in the working time as well as make a good impression. Going to a washroom every time is tough sometimes. And this also wastes valuable time.

This common problem has been solved with newer accessories called stay shirts. These are elastic belts worn under the pants to hold the shirt in its place. Sometimes these are attached with the socks and sometimes with the feet. For a neat look, these stay shirts hold the end point of the shirt. This accessory does not need to look premium. Instead, they need to be comfortable. So there are no leather materials. The materials are mostly cotton. Metal claps or buttonholes are not used like the traditional suspenders. But these stay shirts are made mostly comfortable.

Mainly there are two different types of stay shirts. One is attached with the socks and another one is attached to the feet. These stay shirts come with clips that attach with the shirts at both ends. The elastic pulls the shirts when the person stretches his hands or makes a move. These things are being extremely popular in the people who works in a formal environment. For example military, police, airline, multinational corporation staff and other people who need to be fit can use this stay shirt.

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